Is this Ashes the end of the Ponting era ?

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The Ashes is undoubtedly the most awaited cricket series for an obsessive fan from around the world; the players from both these countries where the cricket folklore is exceedingly rich are also very keyed up to be the part of this historic battle; where-by the Ashes have essentially assumed the status of a religious pilgrimage for the English and the Australian aficionados and players.

The 2005 Ashes played in England had rekindled the interest in this series amongst the followers all over the world because after 18 years the Englishmen beat the Aussies in an Ashes series that was played in England, before this historical occasion ; the Australia was dominating the world cricket scenario and the Ashes contest like a super power, they had players like Glen McGrath, Ricky Ponting, Hussey, Adam Gilchrist and the invisible Shane Warne, yet the Englishmen over powered them after a nail bitter of a series which ended in the home team’s favour.

Since 2005 both the countries have won the Ashes once therefore the 2010-11 series have become very important for the Englishmen because if they win this time they would have won in the homeland of the Kangaroos thus inflicting the ultimate insult to injury on the Aussies egos.

It is known fact by everyone who follows and understands the game of cricket that Australia is no more the supremo of cricket that it once was, the Indians and the English together have brought them down to earth In the past eight years or so; both the Indians and the Brits have inflicted important defeats on the Aussies, they have also lost a few key players like Warne, Langer, Hayden, Gilchrist and McGrath and haven’t recovered or found replacements for them hence their graph has been going down consistency, so much so that they have now lost a vital test match at Adelaide Oval in the current Ashes thus going down one nil in the first two test matches of the 2010-11 Ashes that too at home.        

The disturbing element is not that they have lost an Ashes test match but the fact that their once upon a time commanding leader Ponting is at a loss of ideas as regards his future course of action, his selection policies have been baffling to say the least, his body language week; when put under the hammer by the opposition, however the worse thing is his personal form which has been appalling. Ponting doesn’t know who to select for the upcoming Perth test match, in the first test he started off with Johnson and Hilfenhous as the leaders of his pace army, swiftly he dropped them in the second test because they didn’t fulfill his expectations, ok fair enough; the next test he got Harris and Bollinger and now for the Perth test he’s dropped Bollinger after one game only, looking to replace him with Johnson and North with Hilfenhous. In the spin vicinity as well Ponting has managed to ignore the best spinner Huaritz; he tried little known Doherty who was spanked by the English batsmen, so replacing him is not Hauritz but possibly another unknown commodity Beer. Steven Smith also might be the part of the fold at Perth; the leggie didn’t impress me when he played against Pakistan in England; one hopes for Ponting’s sake that the new bowling combination clicks otherwise his captaincy days look numbered, he has managed to drag his position as the Aussie captain in the last few year or so but if the home side manages to lose the current Ashes then I am afraid he wouldn’t be able to carry on only due to his great deeds of the  past, his future looks bleak unless Australia really pulls up their socks, right now it seems unlikely but it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.


England Unbelievable Reposte

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Well to the say the least, England staged one of the most remarkable comebacks in the recent Ashes history; yesterday they were almost down and out and today they are probably the only team who can win this test though the most likely result would be a respectable draw.

At the end of play yesterday England were in arrears; more than 220 runs and today Australia are in arrears with England still intact of 9  wickets! Both the England openers scored excellent and timely centuries; Strauss the captain got a hundred to lead right from the front; therefore sending a strong signal to the opposition. Cook the young protegé of  Strauss was not to be left behind; he made an impressive ton to pile on the agony on the home team; who might have been harbouring dreams of taking a one nil lead at the Gabba.

Australian bowling and catching looked nothing to write home about; Johnson their mainstay in the bowling department did not come up to their expectation , his line and length both lacked; compared tothe last few years; Siddle the hero of the previous innings looked toothless and Hilfenhous looked not so dangerous , the debutant left arm spinner did not seem too much of a threat too, though he could be counted a wee bit unlucky because Johnson dropped Strauss off Doherty.

Come tomorrow England will feel they have won a test match and Australia who had their noses in front will feel a tad frustrated, perhaps even feel like a loosing side. In spite of the draw which seems like the most likely result,though it aint over till the fat lady sings, the Ashes have gotten off to a fantastic start, promising many exciting days in the next few months!

Untill next time au revoir 😉  be good 😉

Amazing Hussey and chasing England

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Australia has chosen the best time this year to come up with their trump performance of these eleven months; just a few days back I was telling my son that Hussey’s career seems over; he replied “the guy has got too much class mom; probably has a few years in him”. Guess what? my son Nausherwan was right , after all whose son is he 😉

Hussey and Haddin have put Australia is a commanding position, England used their reviews rather “unwisely” otherwise the scenario could have been different but not to be. Hussey is a class act , no doubt but I feel England bowled way to short to him, more so in the onset of his innings thus giving him the confidence of rocking back, cutting, pulling etc rather than driving which could have extracted an edge or an error from the dogged left hander.

Australia are well and truly on top but England can save the test match if they bat most of the fourth day and top part of the fifth too, they need to score about 500 runs to be safe in this match;which is an arduous task, not impossible but close to it. Players like Perterson, Strauss, Prior would have to step up to the plate and save themselves from an early set back in this Ashes series. England were not the underdogs; perhaps if they were they would have performed better, not being complacent thus starting off the campaign in a confident manner; exactly what the underdogs Aussies did. 

The Gabba pitch probably suited the Aussies more , England would have done much better on a faster pitch, this is an essentially new ball wicket; which in simple English means that the first 15 overs or so with the newish ball is when the bowlers can reap more out of it; is that simple enough. I guess so.

Like my last blog sadly; I can not say that the match is beautifully poised cause it aint, it is however for England to fight like caged tigers for the next two days and come with a few exceptional innings to counter this pressure by their counterparts, Pieterson and co can not settle for miserly half centuries they’ll have to spend big.

Untill next time …be good fellows..and dont do anything  I wouldnt do 😉 ;-p